Must I pay for Pre-LASIK Assessment fee?

So you may have attended some LASIK Singapore forums, or seen advertisements that say “Free Pre-LASIK Assessment”.

So is it really free? Let’s explore:

These days, it is very common for clinics to organise forums to educate consumers on the benefits of the different types of LASIK. Essentially, this is a form of marketing for these clinics to try to get patients to sign up for their package.

At LASIK Forums

Yes it is Free

If you attend a forum held by a clinic, and at the end of the forum, to entice you to sign up for LASIK treatment with them, they offer you a free assessment on the spot. By all means, take the assessment test. With that results, you can then choose to go for a second opinion, or to another Doctor/Clinic whom you feel more comfortable with.

May not be free

If the forums do not offer you a pre-screening on the day itself after the forum, but ask you to make an appointment with them to go down to use the “advanced screening facilities” at the clinic, you got to be careful. They may remind you thereafter with an email that says “free assessment”, but the fine print (which you will probably miss out) could be only if you sign up for LASIK package with the clinic.

So always clarify first before making an appointment and going down.

Pre-LASIK assessment

If you call the Clinic straight to make an appointment

If you call the clinic to make an appointment, but choose thereafter not to take up the package with that clinic, you will most probably have to pay for the assessment fee. Some clinics offer the assessment free, but others do not.

If you have to pay the assessment fee, and you then choose to take up the surgery at the same clinic, you may have this assessment fee waived as part of the package. Some clinics will offer the pre-lasik assessment fee as part of the package while some clinics will charge separately. 

Again, always clarify first.


LASIK assessment fee will usually range from $130 – $500 depending on the clinic as well as seniority of the Doctor.

With so many factors to consider, ultimately, you will have to feel very very at ease with the Doctor before you choose to undergo this LASIK procedure. After all, it is your eyes!

So there you have it! Most importantly, we do not want you going down for the assessment thinking it’s a free check, and then finding out that you will have to pay for the Pre-LASIK assessment fee. That would totally spoil your day.

Hope this clarifies! Do drop us a comment below if you have had any good or bad experiences.

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