Cost of LASIK

The following table shows a guide to LASIK Singapore price and cost.

Do note that the prices reflected here serves only as a guide as the final pricing at the different clinics depend on many factors, such as the condition of your eye, the seniority of the Doctor, medications, type of laser eye surgery, type of excimer laser etc.

Also note that also the pricing here only takes into account the cost of LASIK surgery itself. However, some clinics here provide Pre-LASIK assessment fee waiver which is included in the cost reflected in this table.

Follow up consultation post-LASIK is not included in this pricing.

Remember: This is only a guide pricing. 

ClinicType of Laser Eye SurgeryCost (Both eyes)
Tan Tock Seng LASIKLASIK$3500 - $3900+
Eye & Retina SurgeonsLASIK$6500
Eye Specialist ClinicLASIK$6200
Jerry Tan Eye SurgeryLASIK$4900 - $8400
Jerry Tan Eye SurgeryTrans PRK$3000 - $6000+
Eye Clinic Singapore International
Eagle Eye CentreLASIK$2996 - $3852
Eagle Eye CentreEpi-LASIK$3210
Super Sight LASIK CentreLASIK$3424
Super Sight LASIK CentreEpi-LASEK$3424
Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist Pte Ltd
Shinagawa Eye CentreEpi-LASIK$3625
Shinagawa Eye CentreLASIK$2137 - $3304
Orchard Eye Clinic & SurgeryLASIK$4200
LASIK Surgery ClinicLASIK$3091 - $4161
LASIK Surgery ClinicEpi-LASIK$4043
S K Yap Specialist Eye Clinic & Surgery
Parkway Eye CentreLASIK$3700
Parkway Eye CentreEpi-LASIK$4800
International Eye ClinicLASIK$6000
Clearvision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre
SingLASIK CentreLASIK$2996 - $3532
SingLASIK CentreLASEK$3852 - $4280
W Eye ClinicLASIK$3304
Lang Eye CentreLASIK$2970 - $4682
Singapore Eye & VisionLASIK$2996 - $3210
Singapore Eye & VisionEpi-LASIK$2996 - $3210
Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) LASIK$3300

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