Lasik Review by Kenny Sia

History of eyesight

Prior to LASIK surgery, I suffer from myopia of -6.00 on both eyes. I have been wearing glasses for 15 years since Primary 5, when my eyesight deteriorated.

Reasons for doing LASIK surgery

As people who wear glasses will know, it is such a hassle. Even more so for contact lenses. The problems with wearing contact lens is the same with wearing bras: I can’t swim with them on, I kept having to remember bringing them along for travel, and I gotta buy a new pair every few months. With my current job having to run around, I find it even more inconvenient to wear either contact lenses or glasses. I hated wearing glasses so much that it motivated me enough to seek that One Solution To End All Problems.

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Why didn’t I go ahead with LASIK earlier?

To be honest, I’ve been thinking about doing laser eye surgery for a long time. The only reasons I have not gone ahead earlier were the same as everyone else with the risks involved.

1) I thought it might be expensive.
2) I thought it’s dangerous.
3) I thought if the doctor isn’t careful, I might end up with eyes like The Terminator.

With the advancement of technology, all these are of course, exaggerated concerns.

Pre-surgery Check up

Prior to the checkup, I was told not to wear contact lenses for 3 weeks.

At the checkup, alphabets were flashed on screen and I was tested to see if I could repeat those alphabets which I could see.

Lasik Singapore review by Kenny Sia

I was also tested by this machine which scans my eyeball, among other tests which measures my cornea and degree of myopia.

Lasik Singapore review by Kenny Sia

At the end of these tests, I was certified that my eyes were good for LASIK surgery and I was scheduled for the following week.

LASIK Sugery Procedure on Actual Day

I was actually very afraid that something would go wrong that I hardly slept a wink the night before, but in the end my worries were unfounded. Also, since I was told beforehand that I would not be able to see well immediately after the surgery, I had to arrange for transport to pick me home.

Right before the surgery, the doctor spoke to me to share with me more about the LASIK procedure.

I was told to lie on a bed under the laser machine. My eyes were open and I was conscious at all times. To make sure that I do not blink, the Doctor taped my eyelids open then use a “cup” to secure my eyeball. It was weird seeing a foreign object coming down to my eyeball. It was an uncomfortable yet bearable sensation. I could somewhat feel the cup gripping into my eyeball but I couldn’t feel much pain because my eyes were numb.

Moments later, Doctor placed a LASIK machine over my head. This time, I was told to focus on a ring of white light and that I should not move my eyeballs under any circumstances.

lasik review by kenny sia

When the ring of white light appeared over my eye, I suddenly felt a sensation of vacuum suction in my eye. I could hear the Doctor talking and buzzing noises in the background. Gradually, the ring of white light comes closer and closer towards my eyeball, until all I can see was total darkness. For 30 seconds, I could see absolutely nothing while the LASIK machine did its wonders. At times, my eyeballs flinched slightly, but it wasn’t that bad.

He did my other eye. Before I knew it, it was all over. As the Doctor lifted the machine away from my head, all I could see was blurry images of the surroundings. The Doctor said the first step was a success, and I was led to an adjacent operating theatre nearby.

On the pain scale of 1 to 10, the pain is probably 1. 

After LASIK surgery

The moment I opened my eyes after my 6 hours sleep and saw the surroundings of my room so clearly was definitely one of the most magical, miracle experiences in my life. Aside from the usual dryness during the first couple of weeks, my eyes was doing great.

Life is so much easier without glasses or contact lenses. Nowadays I can wake up without the ritual of putting on contacts in the morning; don’t have to carry along a bottle of solution all the time; can do sports without glasses and swim without worrying about the water washing away my contacts.

I had absolutely no regrets. Going for LASIK was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

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