Laser Eye Surgery Singapore Checklist

You might be thinking, should I or should I not proceed with Laser Eye Surgery? So many factors to consider, and you’re not sure where to begin. On top of this, there are many types of laser eye surgery to think about.

So in light of that, we have compiled together a checklist, which hopefully will make your decision on whether to do laser eye surgery singapore much easier.

You’re welcome!

Laser Eye Surgery Singapore Checklist

Firstly, understand the basics of why or why don’t you need Lasik:

  • Career opportunity cost – does your current job or future career opportunities prevent you from getting this procedure?
  • Existing Medical Conditions – Do you have a disease or an illness which might prevent you from healing or would slow your healing process?
  • Existing Eye Conditions – Do you currently have any pre-existing eye issues which may affect your procedure?
  • Current lack of tear production – Do you always have dry eyes?
  • Medication – Are you on any medication which might prevent healing? E.g Streoids
  • Stable eyesight – Has your vision changed over the past year?
  •  Pupil Size – Are your pupils extra-large in dim conditions?
  • Thickness of Cornea – Do you have thin corneas?
  • High or low refractive problem – Do you have a strong degree of eyesight?
  • Cost – Can you afford this procedure?

What are the risks and limitations of Laser Eye Surgery:

  • Results from surgery may not last – Do you understand that your vision may still be blurred many years from now?
  • Over Correction or Under Correction – Will you be able to undergo more than one surgery to get your 6/6 vision?
  • May lose vision – Do you understand the risk that some patients may lose some form of vision?
  • Dry Eyes – Do you understand that you may develop chronic dry eyes?
  • Even after surgery you could still need glasses – Do you have presbyopia?
  • One eye or both eyes together – Do you know the risk of having both eyes treated at the same time?
  • Vision problems – Have you read up on glare, halo and starbusts etc?
  • Reduced vision at night – Do you know your vision can be diminished in dim light conditions?

How can I find the right Doctor:

  • Informative – Does your doctor answer your questions adequately?
  • Experience – Has your Doctor performed many eye surgeries on many patients, with that particular laser?
  • Equipment – Does your Doctor use professional state-of-the-art laser?
  • Long-term care – Will your Doctor have many follow-ups and will care for your eyes in the long run?
  • How comfortable are you with the Doctor – Do you feel at ease and in safe hands with your Doctor?


What to do before your surgery, during and after your laser eye surgery:

  • No contact lens – Can you not wear your lens for a prolonged period of time?
  • No makeup before procedure – Do you have to wear make up about one to two days prior to  the procedure?
  • Understand the informed consent – Have your Doctor answered all your questions adequately?
  • Arrange for transportation – Will you be able to have someone take you home?
  • Rest post-op – Are you able to afford time off after the procedure to allow your eyes to recuperate?
  • Vision loss expectation – Do you understand you will not be able to see clearly for a few days?
  • Be prepared for medication and eye drops – Are you willing to take medication and constantly put eye drops into your eye?
  • Eye Shield – Do you know you might have to wear an eye shield to protect your eye?
  • Expect pain and discomfort – Are you prepared for the pain in your eyes, as well as discomfort?
  • Know when your vision stabilises – Do you know your improved final vision could take months?
  • Know when to seek medical attention – Do you know the problems associated with Lasik and when to seek medical care?
  • Ensure vision is stable before surgery – Do you know that if your current vision is unstable, you might not get your desired results even with Laser eye surgery Singapore?

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