Five Important Questions to ask your LASIK Doctor

It isn’t easy to be a LASIK eye doctor. First of all, there is the years of training to get to where they are today, and also the fact that you’re operating on the most important sense of the human body. Like all professionals, some doctors are more skilled than others, and some are also more experienced in certain lasers.

It is also important here that we stress you should NOT base your LASIK surgery solely on cost, especially when your eye sight is involved. A large consideration would be the skill of the doctor as well. Yes the procedure may not be cheap, but healthy eyes are simply priceless.

There are many different types of laser eye surgery, and here are some important questions to ask your LASIK doctor to make sure you get a safe surgery from one you trust:

1. What is your experience?

One of the most important consideration is that you must choose a highly-skilled doctor with exceptional training and years of experience. Ask your eye doctor how many surgeries have they performed before, and also performed with that particular laser that will be used to treat your eyes.

If you would like to take it a step further, ask if they have performed LASIK on any of their family members or other doctors. Being trusted and trusting oneself to operate on family members or fellow professionals is a great sign of expertise in a eye doctor.

2. Why do you think I should go for this particular procedure?

Different eyes have different requirements and may requirement different laser treatments. For example, people with thin corneas will not be suitable for LASIK, but more of LASEK or PRK, or even Epi-LASIK instead.

Also, ensure that the treatment is really the best for your eyes, and not what laser the doctor is best at. Some doctors could be very good at a particular laser treatment and would recommend you for that, but it may not be the best solution for your eyes.

3. What can I expect during my surgery?

Different doctors may have a certain flow of things to do for your surgery. Discuss with your doctor more about what you can expect to feel and experience during your procedure.

Also, it would be good to find out how you can tell if something is not right, since you will be awake for the entire procedure.

In the meantime, you can read all about the LASIK procedure.

4. What happens after my surgery?

The human eye is a very delicate tissue and lots of follow up treatment and observation is needed. There should be regular appointments after your surgery to ensure your eye is well taken care of. Exercise caution if your eye doctor doesn’t seem very concerned about the care you receive after your LASIK procedure.

Also, ask when you can expect your vision to recover and what signs to look out for along the way if your eye is not recovering properly.

5. Is re-treatment due to over or under correction included?

Many clinics offer a warranty where should you need re-treatment with a certain number of years, you can go for the procedure free. Some clinics do not provide this warranty, and you will have to pay if you need re-treatment.

Be sure you understand each clinic’s policy, such as whether or not the same technology would be used during your re-treatment and which eye conditions would require a re-treatment.

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