Common LASIK fears

Lasik fear is one of the reason why people shy away from this laser eye surgery. The eye is the most important sense of the human body. Without eyesight life would not be as pleasant as it could be. Even with a poor eyesight our lifestyle has to change and adapt – like putting on glasses and contact lenses, which could make things very unpleasant. Therefore it is only natural that while we would like to improve our eyesight, there are many fears when it comes to LASIK because it involve our eyes.

Common LASIK fear

Fear #1 – Fear of LASIK Complications

While technology is getting better, there is still a fear of complications as a result of laser eye surgeries. Like all surgeries, even a routine surgery like a visit to the dentist come with risk.

However, much of the risk of complication can be mitigated. By choosing the most advanced laser technology and a highly experienced eye doctor, there will be less risk of complications post surgery. Ultimately, having laser eye surgery should be a pleasant experience. With a good understanding of the procedure and a professional eye doctor that you can trust, it is easy to overcome your fear of complications.

Fear #2 – Fear of blinking which will affect the final result

Because the patient will be awake during the eye surgery, some people have a fear of blinking which could affect their final vision. There is nothing to worry about though. A specialised device called an eye speculum will be used to hold the eye lid in place to keep it from blinking. Even if a person wants to blink, they will be prevented from doing so, therefore there is nothing to worry about.

Fear #3 – Fear of the laser not doing a good job

These days, the technology of the various eye lasers has improved greatly. The lasers now come with a computer, where it can track your eye movement more than 4000 times per second, ensuring precision and accuracy. Whether the laser does a good job also depends on your eye specifications, like the thickness of your cornea or if the surface is scarred.

Fear #4 – Fear of LASIK cost

One of the more common fears of LASIK is the cost. Since this surgery is non-CPF deductible, the cost can be very hefty to some people. Because care of one’s eye is an on-going process, which includes pre and post surgery consultation and care, the final cost can add up to quite a hefty sum. However, some patients estimate that the cost of LASIK is able to pay itself after some years due to the amount saved from spectacles, contact lenses and contact lens solution. With proper planning and care, LASIK surgery is possible even on a tighter budget.

Find out the average cost of LASIK in Singapore here.

Ultimately, having LASIK surgery should not cause you worry. With professional care as well as an experienced doctor behind the laser and a sound understanding of the procedure, it’s easy to overcome common LASIK fears and opt for a surgery that can change the way you see the world.

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